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Miniatures receive an undercoat, base colours, and at least one shade and one highlight. Examples of finished commissions can be found on the gallery pages of this blog. The number of shades and highlights will depend on the scale and complexity of the miniatures. You can also have 28mm miniatures completed to a more 'basic' standard where a wash and reapplied base colours provides a shade and a highlight respectively. Basing is optional and can cost extra. All miniatures receive two or three coats of Testor matt varnish. 


3mm foot figure (basing included): £0.40
3mm cavalry figure (basing included): £0.80
3mm vehicle (basing included): £1.50
6mm foot figure (basing included): £0.90
6mm cavalry figure (basing included): £1.80
6mm vehicle (no camouflage): from £6.00
6mm vehicle (camouflage): from £8.00
10mm foot figure: £1.50
10mm cavalry figure: £2.50
10mm vehicle (no camouflage): from £8.00
10mm vehicle (camouflage): from £10.00
15mm foot figure: £2.40
15mm cavalry figure: £4.50
15mm vehicle (no camouflage): from £12.00
15mm vehicle (camouflage): from £14.00
20mm foot figure: £3.20
20mm cavalry figure: £6.00
20mm vehicle: price on request
28mm foot figure: from £7.00 or £5.00 ('basic')
28mm cavalry figure: from £10.00 or £7.00 ('basic')
28mm vehicle: price on request

6mm vehicle basing: £1.00
10mm infantry and cavalry basing: £0.30 per figure
10mm vehicle basing; £1.20
15mm infantry and cavalry basing: £0.40 per figure
15mm vehicle basing: £1.60
20mm infantry and cavalry basing: £0.50 per figure
28mm infantry and cavalry basing: £0.90 per figure


Please contact me by email with details of what you would like painted. You can either provide the castings and bases, or alternatively, have me purchase them on your behalf. You should receive a response within 2 working days with a quotation for the commission (excluding the postage) and an estimated completion date. You will only be charged the cost of any purchases made on your behalf.


An invoice will be sent upon the completion of the commission which includes the cost of postage. Payment is required before the painted miniatures are posted. You can pay via PayPal or by personal cheque (UK residents only). 


Postage charges are calculated by the weight, size and value of the parcel. You will only be charged the cost of postage.


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